Build a collection

Building a collection is always a challenging goal for those who work in the fashion industry. Beside the intrinsic difficulty in understanding in advance what are the trends of the next season there the end-users who no longer have the classic boundaries dictated by age and / or geographic differences and are connoted for the constant change of preferences.

Today, the same item can be used by a girl and a mature woman. Globalization, the ease in travels and the spread of big brands have in some way "homologated" the tastes of fashion.

Zara, as Gucci, has the same identical shop window at the same time in most of their stores around the world. To escape this trend, many women are re-discovering the pleasure of tailor-made garments. Texitalia offers a range of fabrics and designs that follow trends, but also seek to differentiate from homologation. Texitalia collections are always built to meet the different customers' tastes around the world. The fabrics offer is therefore very varied and well structured.

The Texitalia's style office compose the fabrics fashion collection, season by season, looking at the runaways, but above all by studying fabulous and exclusive patterns and fabrics that increase the femininity of end customers.

The Texitlia's fabrics collection is woman centric: a modern, classy woman who knows how to mix tradition with modernity. For this reason, the fabrics collection, always very large, consists of a dual soul that includes a line with soft colors and classic designs and a more modern line that, moreover, dares to be more colorful and with innovative/extreme patterns.

Often travel and some style icons are great source of inspiration.
Relaxing landscapes, destinations linked to uncontaminated scenery as well as women with a stronge allure and above the average style are often the musees that are hispirational for the Texitalia's collection creation.


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