Texitalia is a company linked to history

Recently we have visited the Lanificio Conte of Schio, today a historic archeological industrial building, established since 1757. The space, in addition to hosting exhibitions and events, allows to view machines used for the fabrication of fabrics before electricity's advent.

This visit was a must for several reasons: historical and sentimental, which are directly related to the history of made in Italy in the Italian's textile industry.
Schio has an important historical past that has left the mark in the fabrication of fabrics worldwide. LaneRossi, Lanificio Cazzola, Marzotto are all born or have pass from this area, developing company and manufacturing organization techniques that are still a key element of textile today's production.

Texitalia, being one of the few companies that still specialised in the textile sector in the the Veneto Region, has a sentimental feel to be tied to Schio and its glorious past in fabric production history.
The knowledge of the production process and the continuous experimentation of new processing for the creation of materials different from those currently found on the market are surely due to the historical and specialist environment originated by Texitalia's owners.

The company's office style is always looking for novelty, but it also draws on the knowledge of the past. It is not enough to have a good taste to create a collection, it also requires a profound technical knowledge of the material processing to have excellent quality and to create new fabric layers or combinations of non-standard materials.

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