Natural fabrics, Texitalia is also this

Today, the textile market offers an enormous variety of different fabrics. Over the last few years we have seen a great use of synthetic or mixed fabrics at the expense of the natural ones, both at tailor-made and industrial level.

Today, thanks to a greater eco awareness of both textile companies and end consumers, there is a return of natural fibers for greater eco - sustainability.

Organic fibers have several plus: they do not use pesticides and / or chemicals, they allow better use of water resources and greater respect for biodiversity.
Natural fiber demand is expected to increase exponentially over the next few years.

Big brands like Nike, Levis and Patagonia have already made ethical choices to be less impacting on the production cycle even by creating products from recycled materials.
Texitalia already offers a wide assortment of natural fibers, colored with natural colors, proof that the company has to be in tune with this trend that is already very strong abroad.
Texitalia controls the fabrics at all stages of the production chain to ensure original designs and fabrics but also try to follow trends such as ecological sustainability.

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