Textile dyeing

Texitalia has always taken care of all the processing phases of the fabrics it sells. From the choice of the flocks, to the creation of the collections' drawings and the  fabrics' processing.

A very delicate and fundamental passage, besides the choice of the yarn and the design, is also the fabrics' dyeing and the finishing of it.
Textile dyeing is a practice that has always been utilized over the centuries, perfected and updated according to the fibers on the market through the centuries.

From the past to today we can say that the types of dyes and tubs in which the fabrics are dyed have changed. From the end of 1800 to the Second World War we passed from animal and natural pigments to chemical pigments.
Today there is a return to the rediscovery of natural-derived colors.
Fabrics can be dyed with different procedures.
Texitalia controls and selects how to dye fabrics to ensure superior dyeing quality.

All fabrics have unique characteristics, especially silky fabrics. For example, the crepe de chine is usually dyed with a process that often gives to the fabric unwanted "peeling". To remedy this Texitalia has selected an alternative method for dyeing silky fabrics. Afterwards this stage the fabric is finished with special "airo" to get the desired appearance.
The choice of which techniques of dyeing and finishing of fabrics is a peculiarity that has always distinguished Texitalia.

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