Beauty is timeless

Today we are witnessing an epochal change in the patterns of the enhancement of the female figure, especially in the fashion world.

For years we have seen advertising campaigns with newly-born women who advertise anti-age creams. The dicktat of the past was to avoid old age and talk about it without ever showing the true face of it. Today the trend is the opposite: being oneself, being true, accepting the changes due to aging are a must.

Four famous Instagram's silver sirens influences

In the field of fashion, apart from some exceptions, at the end of the 25 years you were considered outdated. Today there are many influencers who not only declare their true age but also show how to accept changes due to time and be the best version of themselves at any stage of life.
Many companies in the fashion and beauty sectors have chosen women who come to age 70 for their advertising campaigns, fashion shows or as their icon.

Lauren Hutton for Bottega Veneta


If we focus on some of these women we notice a single common denominator: an impeccable taste, a unique style sometimes excessive but always sought after.
Many of these silver sirens we can even call them "cultural influencer", which differ from their "younger relatives" because they do not wear "only" of the leaders but they speak of a philosophy of life, of lifestyle in a concrete way. Women with gray or white hair aware of their choices, who have treasured their experiences.

Christy Turlington for Versace

It is no coincidence that many of these women loves tailor-made garments, sought-after garments that contradict them and that speak of their uniqueness, of their character, of what they are.
Texitalia has always tried to offer a collection of differentiated fabrics for different types of women, occasions and ages, fully understanding that this is not a trend but a real necessity.

Kristin Scott Thomas for Lierac

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