Natural fibers, Texitalia is even this

As always, Texitalia seeks to offer innovation and diversification for the most diverse needs of customers. This is why in Texitalia we have added a body comfort product to our offer that also satisfies customers looking for natural products.

The name LYOCELL refers to a fiber produced from cellulose (obtained from crushed Eucalyptus wood pulp) dissolved in NMMO-monohydrate (N-methylmorpholine-N-oxide-monohydrate).

The main characteristics of this fiber are excellent resistance, good breathability and moisture absorption. The LYOCELL fabric is resistant up to 40 ° C without any problem.
It is a very soft, smooth, shiny hand fabric with fluid drapery that follows well the body shapes.

The low-pollution production process should be emphasized: even the solvents used are non-toxic, as well as being completely recyclable. In Texitalia we have added this product in our fabric collection that can be defined as an "ECOLOGICAL" fabric.



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