The autumn winter 2020 edition of the Munich Fabric Start fair, held for three days in Munich, has just ended.

More than 1,000 international suppliers of fabrics and accessories have participated by setting new standards in forecasting fashion trends: many different areas have been explored both in terms of quality and quantity.

The 20,000 visitors who attended were inspired by many new features.
Also this year Texitalia has participated with its collection of fabrics that was organized in an eclectic manner: many different bases and many patterns.
Customers were able to appreciate the many fabrics and designs suited to the most diverse situations. The Texitalia fashion office has proposed refined prints and fabrics to create unique garments.


The Texitalia's style office offers for the winter of 2019 the handcrafted needle-punched fabric: fabrics and patterns are selected from the reels that are overlapped and assembled by hand to create unique and inimitable blends.

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Silk more expensive? Here the Texitalia's alternative

No one has escaped the soaring prices of the silk raw material.
Silk has suffered and will undergo substantial increases. It is estimated that this year there has been a 20% increase.
The reason is derived from the Country that produces 95% of the world's silk: China.

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The new Texitalia's 2018 Spring Summer collection is finally on line.

As always, the Company's style office has tried to range in different areas to meet the multiple needs of today's women.

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Natural fabrics, Texitalia is also this

Today, the textile market offers an enormous variety of different fabrics. Over the last few years we have seen a great use of synthetic or mixed fabrics at the expense of the natural ones, both at tailor-made and industrial level.

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Build a collection

Building a collection is always a challenging goal for those who work in the fashion industry. Beside the intrinsic difficulty in understanding in advance what are the trends of the next season there the end-users who no longer have the classic boundaries dictated by age and / or geographic differences and are connoted for the constant change of preferences.

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Natural fibers, Texitalia is even this

As always, Texitalia seeks to offer innovation and diversification for the most diverse needs of customers. This is why in Texitalia we have added a body comfort product to our offer that also satisfies customers looking for natural products.

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In an increasingly standardized world where often style but also quality is sacrificed in honor of convenience, there are those who prefer uniqueness and quality.

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Beauty is timeless

Today we are witnessing an epochal change in the patterns of the enhancement of the female figure, especially in the fashion world.

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Textile dyeing

Texitalia has always taken care of all the processing phases of the fabrics it sells. From the choice of the flocks, to the creation of the collections' drawings and the  fabrics' processing.

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Texitalia is a company linked to history

Recently we have visited the Lanificio Conte of Schio, today a historic archeological industrial building, established since 1757. The space, in addition to hosting exhibitions and events, allows to view machines used for the fabrication of fabrics before electricity's advent.

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This year MUNICH FABRIC START, a fair that offers an international platform for textile and fashion industry, was held in Munich from September 5 to 7 2017 and it was focused on trends and new developments in the fashion sector world-wide.

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