Silk more expensive? Here the Texitalia's alternative

No one has escaped the soaring prices of the silk raw material.
Silk has suffered and will undergo substantial increases. It is estimated that this year there has been a 20% increase.
The reason is derived from the Country that produces 95% of the world's silk: China.

The new lifestyles, resulting from the strong economic expansion, allow the Chinese population different consumption patterns than in the past. The Chinese have increased consumption of any goods, including silk. The demand of the Chinese domestic market absorbs a large part of the silk production, which consequently becomes difficult to find for the rest of the world.

Texitalia, like all Companies in the textile supply chain, had to revise the price list several times during the year because the fluctuation in the cost of raw materials is really exaggerated.
In order to respond to market demands and to address the high cost of silk, Texitalia has introduced mixed-composition materials.

There has been a long search for mixed silky textile materials by the Texitalia style office, which guaranteed optimal performance both in terms of comfort and workmanship. Therefore, a mixed silk and acetate, solid color fabric was introduced in the Texitalia samples, but it guarantees an excellent performance. The fabric has a high percentage of silk but is mixed with other fibers in order to guarantee an excellent result while lowering the cost.


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