The Texitalia's style office offers for the winter of 2019 the handcrafted needle-punched fabric: fabrics and patterns are selected from the reels that are overlapped and assembled by hand to create unique and inimitable blends.

Needled fabrics are suitable for coats, winter suits that slip and envelop the body pleasantly.

Another novelty are Chanel inspired fabrics with a "clean" woven texture: on one side Texitalia proposes the typical three-dimensional multi-colored fabric texture and on the other hand a monocolour side with a flatter fabric texture that is printed with patterns from the collection to offer unique items that respond to the needs of modern women who can wear it on one side or the other depending on the type of occasion during the day. A garment that can have a playful and a more serious side, an elegant side and a less formal one. A garment that follows camaleontically the needs of a full day of a woman who wants a look that is always new and inimitable.
This year, some wools, like the soft skin-friendly mohair, are coordinated between solid colors and fun multicolor stripes to create twin sets of class but for all occasions.

Finally, in the Texitalia collection we added the tartan declined in many different checks embellished and updated by three-dimensional lines and bright for classic but rock.




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